It is done! [חדשות]

יולי 14, 2010 16:56 | קטגוריות:

Yesterday the trim was finished. Today all the appliances and the sink were completed. (The sink seal still has to "cure" so we do not yet have full use.) Tomorrow is final inspection.

We have begun putting everything in its new place. Don't know how long it will be until we remember where that new place is. There are still a few minor things I have to do as well, such as cutting out a hole in a shelf that we will put in the cabinet where the stove vent pipe goes. Also we have ordered a second (...)

We have counter tops! [חדשות]

יולי 12, 2010 20:05 | קטגוריות:

Today, more or less on schedule, we got our counter tops installed. By "more or less" I am referring to the time today. Originally the installers were due between noon and four pm. Then last Thursday the office called and asked to move the install up to between nine and noon. No problem.

But wait. Friday we got a “courtesy” call reminding of the install being between noon and four! Then this morning I got a call saying the installers were running a bit behind. When I asked when they might be co (...)

Electrical is completed [חדשות]

יוני 28, 2010 19:28 | קטגוריות:

The electrician came today and hooked up all the outlets. Also the counter people were here to measure for the new counter. Two weeks for the counter. In the mean time we have placed boards on the cabinets and kind of moved back into the kitchen. At least the kitties think things are more normal.

It is starting to look like a kitchen again [חדשות]

יוני 25, 2010 21:13 | קטגוריות:

Yesterday I painted the walls. Today the cabinets have been installed. (And I will have some touch-up on the walls!) Tomorrow I do some tile work on the floor--extending the tile benieth the range and dish washer.

Look, Ma, no holes [חדשות]

יוני 22, 2010 15:15 | קטגוריות:

Drywall patching is complete and the walls have got their texture coat. Next is the painting. We are taking this time to get the ceiling re-done. Last time it was painted the painters did not do a proper job of priming the old paint. So, the paint peels off if you look at it cross-eyed.

Inspection is done [חדשות]

יוני 21, 2010 17:19 | קטגוריות:

The inspector came about 3 pm today. Gave everything the nod. (But I do have to install a smoke detector in the hallway by the time final inspection is done.)

The garage Mud sink got an upgrade. Saved the faucet from the old sink so now the garage has a bit of class.

Plumbing and electrical are roughed in. [חדשות]

יוני 18, 2010 17:13 | קטגוריות:

Today new stuff started happening. We got the plumbing and electrical. Of course we had to cover the holes in the wall so the kitties would not explore! Monday the inspector comes.

Past the point of no return! [חדשות]

יוני 17, 2010 15:24 | קטגוריות:

The old kitchen was gutted today. Tomorrow begins the improvements. Plumbing and electrical are scheduled. The dark areas on the wall are the “backs” of our old cabinets—just paint on the wall. Guess we did not get the top drawer cabinets back in 1971. The original wall color was pretty dark and dull, too.

A new kitchen after so long [חדשות]

יוני 16, 2010 18:43 | קטגוריות:

It has been in the planning stage since April this year. But things are now actually happening. We have had the new appliances for a while. Yesterday the cabinets were delivered. Today they got unpacked and inspected. Tomorrow the old kitchen goes!

If all goes well, we will be up and running by August. In the meantime, we will keep progress pictures coming.